Capturing Your Special Moments

As a photographer, it is my passion to catch not only the achievements - but the unseen moments between horse and rider. When the spotlight fades, and the moment in time becomes that of which is treasured together  - just drinking in the moment, the atmosphere and the companionship. 

I love to watch the thrill of the jumping, the discipline of the dressage and the etiquette of the show ring - but nothing warms my heart like watching the unspoken friendship and wordless communication between human and their chosen teammate. 

Being an equestrian is a truly special honour that we carry with us everyday as we care for our special furry friends - where age, gender, our past experiences and whether we had chocolate for breakfast becomes meaningless as we snuggle in the necks of our special friends. 

My goal is to provide a timeline of your journey, regardless of the placings and create memories which will live on forever.

  • Events

    I am always avalible to come and capture photos for you please get in touch if you would like to organise personal photoshoots or events and I will make sure to book them in my diary!